Mobile Alert

Featuring a revolutionary design and user interface built specifically for your wrist, the Incubator watch is packed with endless features.

Mobile Alert


$32.99 per month

belle® is a small, lightweight, mobile personal emergency response system that enables seniors and individuals with special needs to live independently and call for help anytime, anywhere in the US where there is AT&T or Verizon cellular coverage.

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Easy Setup

Works right out of the box and is simple and easy to set up.

Simple One-Button Access

Button quickly connects subscribers to our trained Emergency Response Center operators.

Integrated Loudspeaker and Microphone

Two-way voice communication allows our Emergency Response Center operators to respond and provide assurance to the subscriber.

911 Back-up Calling

Provides an extra level of protection for the subscriber if help is needed.

Mobile Alert Device belle Mobile Alert Systems
Mobile Alert Device belle Mobile Alert Systems

Convenient Charging Cradle

User friendly docking station lets subscribers know the device is properly charging and can be located next to the bed for easy access at night.

Network Based Location Technology

Works indoors and outdoors to assist our Operators and 911 dispatchers in the location of subscribers**.

Highly Water Resistant

Designed to be worn in the shower, bath, or while enjoying outdoor activities.


Installation Requirements: Power Outlet, AT&T™ 3G or Verizon cellular coverage (costs included with subscription)

3GAT&T™ Network*

Enhanced Reliability


Rechargeable Battery


Lightweight Design


2.7” x 1.7” x 0.7”


2.0 oz.


Periodic charging of the device

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*AT&T™ is a registered trademark of AT&T.
**Location accuracy may vary depending on environmental conditions. belle® is a registered trademark of FreeUS.