Medication Dispenser

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Medication Dispenser


$59.95 per month

MedMinder is a personal medication dispenser with an internet-based management portal which alerts a caregiver if: medications are not taken, medications need to be replaced, or a fault condition exists, such as no power. MedMinder holds up to 28 doses of medication in individual compartments of a tray. It can be personalized to remind the user to take their medications at the correct time and only allows the medication compartments to be opened at the designated time. When the reminder is issued, the compartment lights up, and the flap covering the compartment opens to remove the pill holder.

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Large Capacity Organizer

Device can hold 7 days / 28 units.

Customized Greetings can be Recorded

Provides a familiar and friendly voice for reminders when it is time to take medication.

Live and Remote Programming Capability

Simple updating capability at anytime.

Easy to Program

Unit can be programmed to blink, beep, and play customized messages. If the user does not respond they will receive a phone call. If there is no response, the family or caregiver are notified by phone, email, or text message.

Medication Dispenser

Customized Visual and Audio Reminders

Signals increase adherence.

Simple, User Friendly Design

Provides easy access to medication at the correct time.

Cellular Connection*

Does not require a traditional landline. Cellular coverage is provided at no additional cost. Pharmacists, caregivers, or family members can pre-fill the tray unit. Compartments are locked and only the specified compartment will unlock at the pre-programmed time.


Installation Requirements: AC power outlet, AT&T 3G cellular coverage*


13.75” x 10.75” x 2.25”


4.2 lbs.


Periodic cleaning


12 hour back-up battery

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*MedMinder requires a satisfactory GSM cellular network connection to operate as intended. Coverage may not be available in all areas and may change after system activation due to environmental conditionsMedMinder is a trademark of MedMinder.