How It Works

How It Works

When you need help, you need it immediately!

  • 1

    Simply push

    your water resistant emergency medical alert button.

  • 2

    A trained, live operator

    will speak to you through the unit / console at any hour of the day.

  • 3

    If necessary, we will contact

    your local 911 emergency services, friends and family.

Connected and Protected

When you need help, you need it immediately! Millions of subscribers depend on our Emergency Response Centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our centers are built with the most advanced equipment to optimize our response time and service reliability. So, no matter where you are, help is at your fingertips.

Emergency Response Center

If you cannot speak or be heard, our Emergency Response Center knows who you are and who to contact. When you enroll, a personalized file is created in our HIPAA compliant, secure database containing all critical information. This information is immediately displayed so that a trained operator can respond quickly to assist you.

Subscribers call for help, anywhere or anytime, by pushing the call button.

The call is sent to our 24-hour Emergency Response Center where trained operators can access call details. Relevant information like subscriber’s name, address, and known medical conditions are displayed on their screen. If a subscriber is unable to confirm their location during an emergency, the device’s location assistance technology can be used by dispatchers to direct responders to the subscriber.

When you push the call button, help is on the way. Always!

How do you get started with our Medical Alert Systems?

  • 1. Place the order online or call 1-800-728-3775.
  • 2. Savers Alert will call you to confirm the order and gather any additional information necessary (e.g. relevant medical conditions which should be available to Emergency Responders).
  • 3. Savers Alert will call you to confirm the shipment is on the way.
  • 4. Once the device has been delivered, Savers Alert will call you to walk through the easy setup process which typically takes just a few minutes. Savers Alert will also collect some additional information that is needed in the event of an emergency, like relevant medical conditions, and contact information for your caregivers and first responders.

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